Wednesday- English Learning Vibes

2019-03-22 16:57:35

     Acquiring more knowledge about western culture, convention and history is significant and necessary thing for people like me who engaged in fields of cross-border business. To be well prepared for the fasting evolving, globalized awareness, Goodyard Inc. invite our beautiful Samantha to host a English Salon event to share her thoughts of culture differences between Asian and western countries this Wednesday.
      By introducing some interesting western slang words, Samantha started her sharing session. She suggested that we could adopt and acknowledge some new slang words from any social media platforms because internet words are creative and fatly expanding and get well- known to almost everyone very soon.
     Then, she pointed out western communication style is a bit different from Asian. Western communication style are relatively direct and open communication and usually used in low context cultures where they like detailed information clearly and  straight away. 
     Because our job is helping people pursue their perfect image, we are more interested in how western (European) people dress, what and how they define “fashion”. Samantha shared a lot about western (European) beauty and fashion.
     Samantha also shared her thoughts in some interesting area, such as memes, alcohol, technology, etc.  That was very interesting and good to know all about these different stuff.
     On Wednesday, we really experienced a great time with Samantha, plus, we obtain so many inspiration and new knowledge form this English Salon Event. We’re all excited and look forward to attending next event!