Factory Journey

2018-09-11 09:50:00

    2 months ago, I came to GOODYARD, started my first official work. To be frank, I took a lot of part time jobs during my school time, like tutor, English teacher, saleswoman, translator and scriptwriter but never in the line of foreign trade.
    GOODYARD established in 1984, in the market of hair products for more than 30 years. Although spend almost two months in GOODYARD, I’m still not so familiar with related products.
    I always dreamed of going to the factory someday, knowing products better.
Finally, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, we went to our false eyelashes factory, excited and surprised.

    Totally, I get the whole produce process for false eyelashes and know some tips to protect 3D mink fur false eyelashes, like never let them get wet or they will be out of shape.
    It seems easily to do the whole job, it’s just some fur right? The answer is no, absolutely no. When I saw the workers done easily within half minutes, maybe I could give a shot. The result is failed, of course. All the staff worked more than 10 years even some of them younger than me, but the carefulness and patience worth to learn.

    See, for those that look not eye-catching things needs more considered.       After this factory journey, I know much better about false eyelashes and how complicated to produce it.
    I always wondering how false eyelashes keep curl for so long, I eventually figured out, there’s a machine to bake and finalize the design. It’s amazing to acquaint knowledge beyond me.
   Live and learn.